Do You Know What Is In Your Multivitamin? Part 2

Do You Know What Is In Your Multivitamin? Part 2

Thought you knew all about multivitamins? Think again! We could not fit all the information you need into our last post, so we have another one for you! 

There is a lot more to multivitamins than you may think. Probably the most important thing to think about is how safe the product is. Yes, multivitamins could potentially be unsafe! There are many products sold on the market that have vitamins or minerals dosed at levels that exceed their respective Upper Limits! Which just emphasizes the point we made in the last post; you want your micronutrients to be dosed at the 100% RDA or AI for your specific age and sex, not at random dosages. 

The other point we made in the last post is that you want to make sure your multivitamin actually has all the micronutrients your body requires. Even if it does though, that does not mean the nutrients are in their ideal form! For example, minerals have poor absorption and bioavailability rates in their regular forms found in supplements. However, if a mineral is chelated, then that greatly enhances its absorption and bioavailability. Then there are the fat-soluble nutrients. If the directions do not state that the product should be taken with a meal that contains fat, then those ingredients are going to poorly absorbed as well. 

There are also many extra ingredients that could be incorporated into a multivitamin. There are non-essential trace minerals, which as the name says are non-essential, but could still have beneficial effects in the body. Brands also incorporate blends into their product usually. Like an immunity blend, or a hormonal support blend. The problem is that if they incorporate any of these things into the product, then they always severely under-dose the ingredients! 

If you want a women's or men's multivitamin that has all the essential micronutrients your body requires, has them all dosed at the 100% RDA or AI for your specific age and sex, and contains trace minerals and extra ingredients at the dosages shown effective in human clinical studies, then there is only place to find that. Pinnacle Supplementation!