Boron: Not So Boring

Despite the name, this is perhaps one of least boring minerals in existence. Boron helps with several areas such as brain function, growth of bones, wound healing, the cardiovascular system, hormone function, and reducing inflammation. (1) That's a whole lot of different things!

Despite all these diverse functions, Boron is actually not considered an essential mineral. Sound strange? It does to a lot of people, but there is no Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) or Adequate Intake (AI) for it. Boron is currently considered a non-essential trace mineral like nickel, strontium, or vanadium. (2) However, this position has been questioned by experts for a substantial amount of time. And potentially it could be considered an essential mineral some day.

But even though it's without an RDA for the time being, that does not mean you should ignore it. Non-essential does not mean non-beneficial. Boron has demonstrated many of its touted effects in human clinical trials.

In one study, when older men and women took 3.25 mg of Boron per day, they improved their cognitive performance. (3) This could be because of its ability to improve brain electrical activity.

In another study, 3 mg had positive effects on several cardiovascular system parameters like decreasing LDL “bad” cholesterol, triglycerides, and total cholesterol, while improving HDL “good” cholesterol. It also improved inflammatory markers at this dosage. (4) Again non-essential does not mean non-beneficial.

And that statement is exactly why we have included this clinically supported dosage of 3.25 mg in both our Pinnacle Men's and Women's Multis. Most other multivitamins do not include Boron at this dosage, if they include it at all. But this is why our products are truly evidence-based.

On top of that, we use Boron in its chelated "Gylcinate" form instead of any of its standard forms. This is because chelated minerals have superior absorption and bioavailability in your body. This study shows that a mineral in its chelated Gycinate form enhances the mineral's bioavailability by 43% when compared to its standard form. (5)

This ensures you are getting the maximum amount of this mineral at its maximum dosage. So if you are a man or woman looking to improve their brain, cardiovascular, or overall health, then looking for some Boron should be anything but boring to you :)