Where did Pinnacle Supplementation come from? Consumers of the supplement industry, just like YOURSELF! Our team is made up of supplement fanatics, which means we understand the issues in this industry and what you are looking for in a supplement.

We know the feeling of disappointment from purchasing a hyped up product that does not deliver on its claims. And the frustration of not being able to find a product that meets your needs. We want to put an END to that. We do not want to be a marketing company selling you worthless products at an outrageous price. We want to be a supplement company offering you evidence-based supplements, in eco-friendly packaging, at a fair price!

Whether it’s your first time purchasing a supplement, or you have a massive stack of products at home, we were once there. We have been the new kid on the block who got tricked by the salesman at the store saying a single product will magically make us the person we desire to be. And we have had cabinets full of supplements, even though most did NOT provide the results we had hoped for. 

These negative experiences are what started our journey. We wanted to know WHY the products we consumed were not working? After many years, we realized there was 1 common denominator. Almost everything we had been taking had LITTLE to NO evidence of actually being effective for its intended purpose! We realized there were ZERO supplement brands out there only selling products with ingredients that had human clinical research done on them. 

Which is why we decided to DO something about it. We did the research to figure out which supplements actually have HUMAN clinical evidence to support their use. And this research was compiled into our own database, which now includes thousands of human clinical studies that have been done on hundreds of different supplements. NO ONE has looked at as much research on supplements as we have!

Based off that research, we began creating our Pinnacle formulas. At first, all we really wanted was to have products that we would be happy to take ourselves and proud to give to our family and friends. But after awhile, we felt like it would be selfish to keep these formulas for ourselves. Therefore, we decided it was time to start sharing our formulas with the world.

However, we did not forget about all the things WE cared about when we were just regular consumers ourselves. We valued trust, passion to make the world more sustainable, and fair prices. So, we brought those aspects into our own brand! Before we began mass production, 3 things were decided.

1. We would deliver TRUST by having all of our products third-party tested for quality and potency.

2. We would be a LEADER in the industry by having eco-friendly packaging.

3. Our products would be AFFORDABLE to as many people as possible.

These 3 things allowed our whole team to feel as though we had something extremely special to offer every single person out there. Not only did we believe we had the highest quality products, but now we could deliver trust, express our passion to make the world more sustainable, and do it at a fair price.

With all that in place, we are now proud to offer everyone out there the PINNACLE SUPPLEMENTS of the industry. We want to help the athlete that came in second place last season and is hungry for victory. The busy mom who is stressed, overworked, and just needs help to relax. The grandpa that wants to stay healthy, so he can spend as much time with his grandchildren.

We are here for EVERYONE who feels as though the supplement industry has not met their needs. Who has wasted their hard-earned money on products that did not deliver on their claims. We have felt your pain. We have been there, and that is why we are here to HELP YOU REACH YOUR PINNACLE.


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