TRUST and TRANSPARENCY! When you buy a supplement, you would like to believe what you see on the label is actually in the container. Unfortunately, this is not the case a majority of the time because most brands do not put in the extra time and money to do third-party testing. So unless you choose a brand that does adequate testing, you really have NO IDEA what is actually in supplement containers.

Here are some horror stories to show you what we mean. This link here is a report from the FDA to a supplement company in 2017:


It says this company must take their product off the market because it includes an ingredient called ephedra. Ephedra has been banned for sale since 2004 because it was linked to deaths. People died from taking this ingredient, and yet it's still found in products today!

Or how about prescription drugs being found in supplements? YES, this really happens! Here is a very recent consumer warning from the FDA in 2020:


It says the FDA tested more than 50 male enhancement and weight loss supplements. What they found was astonishing. They reported that 80% of the products being sold on Ebay, and 100% of the products being sold on Amazon had pharmaceutical drugs hidden in them! How do these drugs end up in supplements? The products are not tested before going to consumers!

And then there are so many stories out there when a supplement is independently tested and FAILS to meet its label claims. Like what this link describes here in 2015:


It says the New York State Attorney General’s Office found that 80% of the supplements they tested from Walmart, Walgreens, Target, and GNC failed to meet their own label claims! Why? Because they are not required to be third-party tested.

This is why we take the extra steps to prove what is on our label is actually in our products. Even though it's not a requirement, we believe it's required to earn your TRUST. This testing, alongside having zero proprietary blends, makes our label completely TRANSPARENT as well!

This means you know there are zero unsafe ingredients or drugs hiding in the formulas. And our hope is that all of this helps you feel confident you are getting safe and effective products to reach your health and performance goals.

We use many independent labs including Eurofins, who is a world leader in nutraceutical lab testing.

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