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Everyone in this industry loves to claim they have the best products with the highest quality. However, those are just words everyone has said without any actual reasoning. That is until we came around! Here is why we can actually say we have the highest quality products in the industry: We are one of the first supplement companies to ONLY use ingredients in our products that have shown to be effective in human clinical studies. And EVERY ingredient in our products is used at the effective dosages demonstrated by those clinical studies!

If you're thinking this sounds REVOLUTIONARY, that's because it is. Even though this is what supplementation should have always been, this is unfortunately not the case. How come?

The FDA only requires drugs to go through human clinical studies to prove safety and effectiveness. It does NOT require this of dietary supplements before going on the market. The only thing the FDA can do is take action to remove products from the market. But the agency must first establish that such products are adulterated (e.g., that the product is unsafe) or misbranded (e.g., that the labeling is false or misleading). This is what allows supplement companies to basically put ANY ingredient into their products at RANDOM dosages.

Quality Supplements

The supplement industry is mostly just a marketing industry. It's become a contest to see who is able to market the junk the best to make it not look like junk. Most products are very poor because brands have ZERO rationale for the ingredients they use, or the dosages their ingredients are at. Here are 3 things we have noticed most other supplement companies do:

1. They use ingredients that have ZERO studies done on them! How do you have any clue the ingredients work at all, or are even safe?

2. They will say their ingredients have studies to back them up, but they will reference a study that looked at the ingredient's activity on cells cultures or animals like mice. Are you a MOUSE? We didn’t think so! Just because an ingredient has shown some kind of activity in an animal or cell culture study, that does NOT mean any kind of activity would be seen in humans.

3. They use ingredients that have human studies done on them, but they do NOT use the dosages that were researched. An ingredient is ONLY effective if taken at the proper dosage. An ingredient can have 100 studies saying it works, but if it is under-dosed, then it will not work.

Let us demonstrate these flaws using a common drug as an example. Would people take Ibuprofen if it had zero studies done on it, or was only studied on mice? NO! Would people get any benefit from it if they only took 2 mg? NO! They need the proper dosage of 200+ mg. These principles should not change when it comes to supplements.

Now there are a select few brands that are taking a stand to this as well by properly dosing many of their ingredients that do have human research. However, we do not believe any are taking a bigger stand than us. We have decided to ONLY use ingredients in our products that have shown to be effective in human clinical studies, and properly dose them. Which is why we are becoming THE PINNACLE of the supplement industry.


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