How Do You Care For Your Immune Health?

How Do You Care For Your Immune Health?

Immunity has been brought to the forefront in today's world. Now more than ever, people are interested in improving their immune health. But how does one do that? 

Your immune system serves a lot of different purposes, but its main job is to prevent and limit infections. It does this mostly by distinguishing between healthy and unhealthy cells in your body.  If an unhealthy cell is found, then your immune system will respond to it. A weakened immune system is one that has a slow response, or no response at all. So you want your immune cells to respond quickly. 

Now there are a lot of different types of cells that make up your immune system, but the type that gets the most attention are T cells. This is because their quantities in your body decrease as you age, and lower quantities have been correlated with lower immune function. This has led to a lot of research on T cells themselves and ingredients that may increase their quantities.

Although having an ingredient that could increase T cells may be nice, there are a lot of other daily habits you could adopt to improve your immune function first. The best way to keep your immune system in tip top shape is to live a healthy lifestyle. That means getting enough sleep, effectively dealing with stress, exercising regularly, eating a complete diet that supplies you with the nutrients you need, and taking either The Pinnacle Women's or Men's Multi to make sure you are getting all the micronutrients your body requires. Because the truth is, you can try to "boost" your immunity all you want by taking some immune support supplement, but it will NOT be as beneficial as living a healthy lifestyle. Once you have good habits in place, then you can try to further improve your immune health!

Current immune support supplements love to hype a few specific vitamins and minerals; like Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc. However, the fact is that ALL the essential vitamins and minerals are required for your immune system to keep running smoothly! Even though our Multis are not branded as an "immune support" supplement, this is why they are actually a more effective immune support supplement than one that is branded as such with only 2 or 3 vitamins. 

Plus, our Pinnacle Women's and Men's Multis actually have ingredients that have been clinically shown to improve comprehensive immunity on their own like Tongkat Ali. (1) We include 200 mg of a 100:1 extract of Tongkat Ali because this was the dosage used in that study. This is on top of having every essential vitamin and trace mineral at the 100% RDA values for adult women and men!

So when you got your healthy lifestyle habits down, you know what can help your immune system even more :)