Bitamin B6

Vitamin B6: What if I Miss a Day of My Fortified Breakfast Cereal?

Vitamin B6 is a critical water soluble nutrient. However, it's not actually a singular compound. It's a general name for, you guessed it, 6 different compounds that all have Vitamin B6 activity. (1) All the different forms that can be supplemented have equal effectiveness.

Vitamin B6 is a necessary nutrient because it's involved in more than 100 different enzyme reactions. It also plays a role in in brain development, immune function, hemoglobin production, and the biosynthesis of neurotransmitters. (1) It can work all its magic with only a small daily dosage.

Although the amount your body requires changes slightly based upon your age and sex, it is consistent throughout adulthood. All adults aged 19-50 that are not pregnant or breastfeeding need 1.3 mg per day. (1)

Even though this is a tiny amount, some people seem to struggle getting enough daily. It is the most common water soluble vitamin people have a deficiency in. Which is why it is important to be confident you are getting at least the 100% RDA daily.

Fortunately, if you take either our Pinnacle Men's or Women's Multis, then you will know for sure you're getting the 100% RDA value of 1.3 mg. And even if you're already consuming this amount in your daily diet, there may be some benefits to consuming a little extra.

In fact, higher concentrations of vitamin B6 have been associated with better performance measures of memory. (2) Low Vitamin B6 status has also been associated with higher inflammation scores. (3) Plus, high total intakes may be protective of depressive symptoms. (4)

Some other interesting research has found that Vitamin B6 intake is inversely associated with the risk of colorectal cancer. (5) Other data also suggests that higher circulating levels of vitamin B6 are associated with a reduced risk of invasive postmenopausal breast cancer. (6)

Now this may get you thinking that you need to go out and get as much Vitamin B6 as you can get your hands on. But in reality, more does not always equal better. In fact, the Upper Limit for everyone aged 19+ is 100 mg. (1) This means taking more than that could cause negative adverse health effects.

And even that may be too high. Over in Europe, the Upper Limit for Vitamin B6 has been recommended at 25 mg. (7) The concerns stem from different research studies showing higher dosages could possibly lead to an increase in lung cancer risk, higher risk of hip fractures, and sensory neuropathy (losing control of body movements). (7) (1)

This is why we do not mega-dose our Multis. They have the specific dosages needed for adult men and women. You have that insurance policy to know your body is getting what it requires, but don't have to worry about exceeding Upper Limits for any nutrients.