Think You Know Everything About Zinc?

Zinc is no longer some unknown mineral. It has exploded in popularity over the last few years for one reason on top of another. The amount of different ailments Zinc is supposed to be able to help with today can no longer be counted. However, only some of this hype actually has supporting clinical data.

The first and most important thing that everyone needs to be aware of is that Zinc is an essential nutrient all people need. The RDA for adult males aged 19+ is 11 mg. While the RDA for females aged 19+ who are not pregnant or lactating is 8 mg. (1)

Why is Zinc an essential mineral? So many reasons! It's needed by the immune system to defend against invaders as well as help wounds heal. It also plays a role in protein synthesis, DNA synthesis, cell division, taste, and smell. (1) That's a lot of different things for one single nutrient to handle.

And what are the negative consequences if you do not consume the 100% RDA value daily? Things like loss of appetite, impaired immune function, hair loss, impotence, delayed healing of wounds, taste or smell abnormalities, mental lethargy, and bad mood changes may occur. (1)

No one wants any of that! Which is why we include the 100% RDA value of 11 mg in our Pinnacle Men's Multi, and 8 mg in our Pinnacle Women's Multi. This will ensure you are getting enough of this critical mineral, and you won't have to worry about those negative effects like bad mood. In fact, one study showed that taking just 7 mg was enough to decrease anger. (2)

Another benefit Zinc has been shown to have is improving quality of sleep. This was demonstrated when it was taken at 11.25 mg, alongside magnesium at 225 mg and melatonin at 5 mg. (3) This is why we also included Zinc in our Pinnacle Relax & Sleep Aid, alongside magnesium and melatonin. We included Zinc at 3.25 mg so that you would be consuming at least 11.25 mg whether you take the men's or women's multis. Why didn't we just add another 11.25 mg to the sleep aid?

Because like many nutrients, Zinc has an Upper Limit. Which means if you consume higher amounts than this Upper Limit, then you could cause toxicities in your body and increase your risk of adverse health effects. For all adults, this Upper Limit is 40 mg. (1) And since some people may be potentially taking in over 20 mg a day with their diet alone, we wanted to lean on the side of caution and decrease the chance of causing some to go over the Upper Limit with supplementation.

Plus, the zinc we use in our products is absorbed and used by your body much better than what you are normally getting. Our Zinc is chelated, meaning it's bound to an amino acid. Chelated zinc has demonstrated far superior absorption and bioavailability in clinical research than the regular form of zinc typically found in supplements. (4)

Now it is true that Zinc has also been studied for other things like colds, depression, stomach issues, and acne. But the effective dosages in clinical studies were much higher, which puts you at risk for exceeding the Upper Limit. And only a doctor can tell you whether the benefits outweigh the risks.

But if you believe Zinc can help you with your daily health and sleep, then check out the product links above!


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