Chelated Minerals:

If you look at the minerals on our label, then you will notice there are some specific words that come after them. Those words are either “as Amino Acid Chelate” or “as Glycinate”. This signifies that are our minerals are chelated. Is this a big deal? Yes it is! A chelated mineral is one that is bound to an amino acid. This means it is in a form the body can easily absorb and use, unlike regular forms that minerals come in. Here are some studies that demonstrate this: 



Bioperine® (10 mg):

A black pepper extract that is 95% piperine. Piperine is the alkaloid that gives black pepper its somewhat famous ability to enhance the absorption of nutrients. It does this by inhibiting glucuronide. Glucuronide normally causes substances to be excreted instead of being absorbed. By inhibiting glucuronide, more nutrients are absorbed. It is very effective at increasing the absorption and bioavailability of vitamins. We even included a little extra than what has been shown to be effective in this study to be confident all the different vitamins are being maximally absorbed: 




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