Did you know about 90% of American adults consume caffeine in some form or another everyday? But most of us still want more :)

That's why we have provided a solution with our All-Natural Caffeine pills!

These pills can serve many purposes:

1. Pairing with our Pinnacle Pre-Workout. Our pre-workout does not contain any caffeine in it, because we want you to be able to customize your dosage. Whether that's 0 mg or 600 mg, you have the freedom to take what you need to get the energy you want. If you like caffeine before your workout, then take your desired dosage alongside our Pinnacle Pre-Workout.

2. As a kickstart to the morning. Don't like the taste of coffee, or don't have time to make/get some, but you need that energy boost? We got you covered! Take your desired dosage, and crush your daily goals.

3. As a daily energy driver. Feel like you need a nap every afternoon, but you have too much work to get done? Maybe a quick little pick-me-up is all you need. After you take your desired dosage, you'll be all set to finish up that big project!

Caffeine has been well studied for its effects and benefits. In fact, it's been studied at much higher dosages than you may think. 6 mg of caffeine per kg of bodyweight has been shown to improve athletic performance parameters such as anaerobic performance in both the elite and recreational athletes, intermittent sprint performance, and strength. (1,2,3) This equates to 545 mg of caffeine for a 200 pound person.

That does not mean you need to take this high of a dosage. There have also been plenty of studies that have shown improved athletic performance with lower dosages. This study showed 3 mg of caffeine per kg of bodyweight helps endurance performance by improving the time of an 8 km race by 23 seconds! (4)

Plus, we can't forget about all the cognitive benefits of caffeine. It's been shown to improve mood during exercise, cognitive performance, and attention. (5,6,7)

All in all, there are more than enough ways caffeine could be beneficial to you if used properly.

(To calculate your caffeine mg dosage that the studies reference, take your bodyweight and divide that by 2.2 to get your weight in kg. Then multiply that number by 3 or 6 to get the number of milligrams of caffeine that would be equivalent to the dosage used in those studies.)










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