Is There A Superior Form of Vitamin D?

Vitamin D

New Research On The Old Vitamin D

Although Vitamin D has been traditionally best known for its role in bone health, we now know it serves many more purposes. Since the pandemic began, the area that really got a lot of attention was its role in immune health.

But not all Vitamin D may be the same. Research is starting to indicate that the effects of Vitamin D on immunity may be fairly specific. How so?

A study published just last week inside Frontiers in Immunology, was looking at the immune-related changes in the body following supplementation of the 2 different forms of Vitamin D.

Yes, the body can produce Vitamin D on its own when ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun strike the skin and trigger vitamin D synthesis. But it can also be supplemented as either Vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol), or Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol). These 2 forms used to be considered equivalent, but this does not seem to be the case anymore.

The study had people taking the 100% RDA value of Vitamin D for adults under the age of 70, which is 15 mcg. It was given to them as either Vitamin D2 or D3, and there were some notable results.

The two forms created different changes in gene expression. For example, Vitamin D3 supplementation was linked to increased gene activity associated with interferons (which help support defense against viruses and bacteria). This was not seen with Vitamin D2.

This means if you are interested in making sure you have enough Vitamin D for immune health, then the form matters. You can read the whole study here.

Fortunately for you, our Pinnacle Men's and Women's Multis include Vitamin D in the D3 form (the form shown to have immune activity from the study). And it's even dosed at the same dosage used in the study! The 100% RDA value of 15 mcg.

So if you're not getting enough Vitamin D from the sunshine, then maybe our Pinnacle Men's and Women's Multis are a great substitute for you.


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