Let us first understand vitamin & mineral values:

1. The percentages you always see to right of vitamins & minerals on food and supplement labels are called Daily Values (DVs). They are established by the FDA and are the same for everyone ages 4+. Meaning these values are the same for a 5 year old boy and an 80 year old grandma. 

2. The Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs) and Adequate Intakes (AIs) can be different from DVs and are set by the Institute of Medicine (IOM). RDAs and AIs have slightly different definitions, but they can be thought about in the exact same way. Both RDAs and AIs provide you with a value that you need to get daily in order to prevent deficiencies. And unlike DVs, the values are actually different for each one's personal age and sex. 

3. Many vitamins & minerals have Upper Limits (UL) set for them as well. Most people do not realize this and risk having vitamin & mineral toxicities if they consume more than the UL. Yes, it is possible to consume too much of vitamins & minerals! These are also set by the IOM and are different for each one's personal age and sex. 

Next question is do you even need a multivitamin?


* The short answer is YES! Now we are not saying it is impossible to get all the micronutrients your body requires from your diet alone, but it is extremely difficult today. This was shown by a National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) in the U.S. between 2007–2010: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi


* The conclusion was that in large proportions of the population, micronutrient sufficiency is currently NOT being achieved through food solutions for several essential vitamins and minerals. Almost everyone has several vitamin and mineral inadequacies! Why? 


1. In general, we eat poorly. Our modern, Western diet is full of processed foods that have a very low nutritional status. Meaning they lack vitamins & minerals that should be in our food. 


2. Even if we do try to eat foods with a better nutritional status, our soil quality has diminished over time. The soil our crops grow in is becoming depleted of vitamins & minerals. Which means the plants we eat have fewer micronutrients. The animals we eat also need to consume these plants, so the animals are getting fewer micronutrients as well. Therefore, whether people eat meats or plants, they are getting fewer micronutrients than they used to from these same foods. That means a well formulated multivitamin could benefit everyone!


Why is our formulation done correctly?

1. We include all of the essential vitamins and trace minerals in our formula. 

2. They are all dosed at the 100% RDA or AI set specifically for adult women. This is the key!


  • You can not just look for the 100% DV for each vitamin & mineral on the right side of a label. Again, those DVs are the same for everyone ages 4+ and are not specific to adult women. Only RDAs and AIs give you an accurate representation of what your body needs! 


  • Notice the diagram up above. The 100% RDA or AI is the amount needed to prevent deficiency. However, optimal health requires more than the 100% RDA or AI. So why do we only include the 100% RDA or AI?


  • Because you get vitamins & minerals from your diet as well! Which means if we had higher dosages in our Multi like 500%, then there would be a higher chance you could end up being over the UL in some nutrients from the combo of our Multi and your diet.  
  • Being at the 100% RDA or AI for adult women gives you the proper dosage to PREVENT deficiencies, has an extremely LOW likelihood of pushing you over the UL, and allows you to have the best chance of being in the OPTIMAL health range for each nutrient from the combo of our Multi and your diet.


Directions: Take 4 pills/day with water during your meals that contain some fat to improve the absorption of the fat-soluble nutrients. However, the total dosage should ideally be split up. You could take 2 pills each at breakfast and dinner, 1 pill at 4 different times of the day that you eat, or any other other combination. This will allow the nutrients to be better absorbed and utilized by the body than taking 4 pills at once.




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