* You just hit a hard workout. You’re tired, exhausted, and you know your muscles are begging for some protein. You’ve been drinking water, but you’re craving something tastier now. Maybe something like a milkshake or smoothie. However, you don’t want all that sugar and don’t want to pay $5 for a single serving of protein at the smoothie bar. So what if instead you had some protein powder that you could mix up in your cold water and it tastes like you’re drinking that milkshake? Well you’d be living your best life!

* Or perhaps you just had dinner an hour or two ago. Thinking of some dessert now before you start getting ready for bed. That milkshake is creeping back in your head. But you told yourself no sugar before bed. How about a protein milkshake instead? That sounds healthier!

* Plus it will be that amazing taste you’re craving, unlike the other protein powders you’ve tried where who knows what quality of protein they were using or what kind of artificial ingredients were in it. We get it, you want more muscle, you want to lose some fat, and you want to recover better from your workouts. We want to help, and protein is the answer.

Plant Protein


Everyone has heard of protein, but what actually is it? Protein is simply a combination of amino acids. Different combinations of amino acids create different proteins. A protein found in beef has a different combination of amino acids than a protein found in peas. This fundamental concept is extremely important because it's what separates superior protein from inferior protein.

* There are many amino acids that build proteins, but there are 9 essential amino acids. Essential means that you must consume these 9 amino acids from your diet because your body can not make them on its own. Even lacking just 1 of these amino acids will cause severe negative consequences for your body.

* This is why protein is NOT just for bodybuilders like some people believe. In fact, everyone needs to consume protein just to survive. There is even a Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for protein just like there is for vitamins and minerals (0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day). This would be ~60 grams of protein for a 165 pound individual. But amounts higher than this can certainly have beneficial effects.

* If your goal does happen to be to gain muscle, then 1.4-2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day is a good goal to reach for according to the latest International Society of Sports Nutrition Position Stand. (1) However, having a high protein content is just as important, if not more important, if your goal happens to be fat loss. You would want to aim for an even higher protein target of 2.3+ grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. (1)

* This is where protein powder comes in. It helps you increase your total daily protein intake. Meaning you don't need to only take it after you workout :) In fact, taking protein right away in the morning or before bed can be a great strategy because you're not supplying your body with protein from food when you are asleep.

The Pinnacle Protein Powder

✅   The Pinnacle Protein Powder really exemplifies what we want our supplements to be. Evidence-Based, Eco-Friendly, and Affordable.



* The Digestible Indispensable Amino Acid Score (DIAAS) is the most up-to-date method to measure protein quality. And as this table from MondoScience demonstrates, protein from milk scores the best. (2)


* However, there's already plenty of milk protein options out there. And creating run of the mill products isn't our style. Which made us ask ourselves, how could we offer a unique protein to the market? Well first we realized that Plant Protein has been getting a lot of love the last couple years. And for good reason, but plant protein has some issues unfortunately.

* Plant proteins on their own are in general inferior to animal based proteins because they have inferior amino acid profiles. Their poor amino acid profiles can technically classify them as incomplete proteins. All the big plant-based proteins you may have heard of like pea, rice, and soy are actually incomplete proteins on their own. (3)

* However, the good news is that you can create complete proteins by combining different plant proteins! This is what some brands have started to do, but no one has created a plant-based amino acid profile quite as outstanding as ours!

* As stated before, protein from milk scores the best on the DIAAS. This is because of its amazing amino acid profile. So our thought was if we could create this same amino acid profile, but make it plant-based, then we would have the best of both worlds. And after a lot of time and research, we actually did it!

* This table shows you how 1 scoop of The Pinnacle Protein Powder meets or exceeds the quantity of all 9 essential amino acids found in an equivalent amount of protein from dry whole milk powder. The milk amino acid profile benchmark was calculated from the U.S. Dairy Export Council's data. (4)

Plant Protein

* YES, look at that again! We created the ultimate amino acid profile from plants and vegan ingredients! This by itself makes our protein formula unbelievable, but we needed one more thing to truly make it The Pinnacle.

* We want to make sure your body breaks down and digests our protein as efficiently as possible. Therefore, we added the protein-digesting enzyme Bromelain to the formula. Now there are several different protein-digesting enzymes out there, but Bromelain has been shown to have some beneficial effects in clinical studies on its own.

* In one study, it decreased fatigue from exercise in trained athletes. (5) And in another study it improved knee osteoarthritis as much as the drug diclofenac. (6) It's also been a popular allergy or sinus relief supplement for a long time. We think you'll agree that all of these possible extra benefits made it worthwhile to include in the formula over any other protein-digesting enzyme.

Vegan Protein Powder



* We take sustainability very seriously, and we are known for being one of the first in the industry to have our supplements packaged in containers made of 100% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) material.

* But because of current supply chain issues around the globe, 100% PCR containers large enough for this particular product could not be sourced.

* This is a temporary issue, and this product will be packaged in 100% PCR containers in the future!

* The containers are still 100% recyclable, so PLEASE continue to RECYCLE all your empty Pinnacle Supplementation containers, or REUSE them for another creative purpose.

* This protein powder is for everyone, no matter if you are on a vegan diet or not.

* If you have already adopted a vegan diet, maybe you've made that choice because of environmental reasons. University of Oxford researchers have found that a person could reduce their personal carbon footprint up to 73% by cutting out meat and dairy products from their diet, so hats off to you if you've made this diet work for you! (7)

* But we realize many people do not want to commit to a 100% vegan diet. No judgement here. However, even this one choice of using plant protein instead of your whey or other animal-based proteins can make a difference. Why? 100 grams of protein from beef can produce up to 105 kg of CO2 equivalents, and require 370 square meters of land. Whereas 100 grams of protein from plant-based sources could produce only 0.3 kg of CO2 equivalents (including all packaging, processing, and transport), and use just 1 square meter of land. (7) Big difference :)

Plant Based Protein Powder



* Does our protein have an amazing amino acid profile comparable to milk protein? YES! Is it 100% plant-based? YES! Does that mean you need to pay an outrageous price? NO!

* When looking at price for protein, it is imperative that you actually know what you are paying for. Unfortunately, you can't just look at the price tag. This is because different products have a different number of servings, and a different quantity of actual protein per serving.

* Therefore, we broke down how our price is better than some of the leading competitors in our space. We listed 3 of the top-selling plant protein brands of the last year, and the consistent best-seller for milk protein.

Pinnacle Protein Plant Protein Comparison Chart

(Prices from 1/4/22 listed on the websites of the respective brands)

* The 3 plant proteins do not come close to our price when you look at the actual Price/Gram of Protein! In fact, they are all more than double our price.

* And even when we are stacked up against a milk protein, we still beat them on price! Since our amino acid profile is just as good, and we have a better price, there should be no reason why not to switch to The Pinnacle Protein if you are currently using a milk protein.

* Plus, you know how fast it seems like you go through those tubs of protein sometimes. So just think about how fast those savings will add up :)


✅   Evidence-Based, Eco-Friendly, and Affordable! What else could you ask for? Let us help you Reach Your Pinnacle today with The Pinnacle Protein Powder.

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