Do You Need A Sleep Aid Supplement?

Do You Need A Sleep Aid Supplement?

It's hard to beat that feeling of waking up fully rested. Everyone loves getting a good night's sleep, but a lot of people struggle to do so. There are over 70 million Americans that have one form of sleeping disorder or another, and around 1 in 3 adults do not get enough sleep! Maybe you are one of these millions... Maybe we can help?

Most people understand that sleep is very important, but many still do not make an effort to improve their sleeping habits. So, outlining some of the benefits of getting adequate sleep may just wake some people up to the idea of focusing more on their sleep. If you want an easy fix to improve your thinking, memory, exercise performance, body composition, cardiovascular system, or immune system, then you may want to consider getting enough sleep. Now maybe you would like to sleep more, but you just have a difficult time relaxing at night and actually falling asleep. That is where supplements could help, but only properly formulated supplements.

In most sleep aid supplements out on the market, they only use a couple effective ingredients; such as Theanine or Melatonin. (We have separate blogs on these 2 ingredients if you click on their respective links). These 2 ingredients absolutely can help you relax and sleep better if they are properly dosed, but there are also so many more ingredients out there that can build upon these two staple ingredients.

The issue is that when other brands try to incorporate other ingredients, they do it in a very lackluster way. They either pixie dust other good ingredients in a small amount to make their label look good, but they have no actual benefit to you at these tiny dosages. Or they use ingredients that have no evidence of being effective because the ingredients have zero human clinical studies done on them.

But that does not mean this is way sleep supplements have to be! There are many ingredients that can help you relax and sleep like you never have in your life. There are certain vitamins and minerals like Riboflavin, Zinc, and Magnesium that have shown benefits in human studies. There are also many botanicals like Valerian Root, Ashwagandha, and Lemon Balm that have been studied throughly as well. We include all these ingredients and more at their clinical effective dosages!

This formula does it all. The ingredients have been clinically shown to DECREASE stress, fatigue, and time to fall asleep, while IMPROVING sleep quality, calmness, headache symptoms, performance, and recovery! It truly is the all-in-one nighttime supplement so many of you have been looking for.

We mean it when we say this is The Pinnacle Relax & Sleep Aid supplement on the market. If there is more evidence-based nighttime formula out there, we would love to see it. But good luck :)